Copyright on 3D Models and Why I won't charge for the Eye of Agamotto

I came across this great article from All3DP on Disney pulling models from Thingiverse (article here). The article discusses the affected models that Disney has asked to have pulled down and talks to one of the designers that have been affected. I found it really interesting because of the debate that I have seen on the Thingiverse forums where some of the creators of the models that were taken down are upset with their 3D modelling work not being recognised as original and belonging to them when they created the models from scratch. 

This action from companies to request models to be taken down could also affect me too. The Eye of Agamotto I modelled and uploaded to several websites including Thingiverse has been my most popular download. But the rights to the IP would be owned by MARVEL. Its not something that I thought much about when I was designing as I am just a fan who was inspired by the movie. But as a designer who also works for a company, I know that IP is vital to a business and any original designs that I create I am glad that they are protected from anyone stealing the idea and my work for their own profit. I know that even though I created the EYE model completely from scratch, I did not design or invent the artwork and it in no way belongs to me.

I have been asked by people why I do not charge people to download the model as I have spent many hours on CAD and in design of the CAM mechanism to make the eye open and close. For me it is very clear, I do not own it and I do not feel as though I am entitled to the profits of that work. At best I have created a remix of the original work and should those that do own it feel as though they do not want others to download it I would have no problem if the model is removed. I would expect the same if my own original designs were taken by someone else and they used them to make a profit.

While I sympathise with those people who have put in a lot of work to make their own copy model of the Disney characters and made them available for download, for me they are not the original creators or the owners of that work and cannot make claim to it.

What do you think? Have you had models removed from a site due to copyright infringement?  Let me know in the comments below.