Hi, I'm Luke Stanislas. A senior mechanical design engineer with over 10 years experience in engineering medical devices and healthcare products. Under the guise of my on-line alter ego Black Ram I want to help teach you to design your own projects using modern technology.

Have you wanted to design things to help your life and those around you but don't know how to use the latest technology to do so?

Have you had the idea for a product that you have always wanted to make but could not find a way to learn the skills necessary without going to university and studying for years to complete a degree? 


My Start into Design

I completed my Engineering Bachelors Degree (Mechatronics & Robotics) in 2006, but when I had finished I felt like I still did not know how to design anything. All the work was math problems and assignments but without anyone to guide me I did not not know process of taking an idea from concept to reality. Most of the University lecturers were academics and had not worked in the industry so real world understanding was very limited.

However my real design education came as a graduate engineer when I began to be taught by my Senior colleagues. Through their guidance and seeing how they tackled projects I was able to then really understand design. My experience was not gained in a university, but through a Senior Engineer as a teacher with hands on learning.



my new tool - the 3d printer

Even though I finished University in 2006 I would not get my first intro into 3D printing until I was at work in 2009.

I had been working on a design project and had my CAD model ready to go and requested permission for a print from the company Objet machine. I came in to work the next day and went straight to the lab where my parts were built over-night and waiting for me to clean. From then I was hooked. 3D printing became part of my design workflow and I would go on to print hundreds of models which would help in guiding each new  design iterations.

I wanted this power at home and so I searched and found the Makerbot Thing-O-Matic kit. It did not have the abilities, accuracy or software of my work machine, but at least I could make my own designs on it and tinker at home. Building a kit I experienced so much pain, joy and learning from using the machine which gave me huge insights on running a 3D printer at home.

Yes, that is my original Makerbot which is sadly no longer working.



what printers do i own

I am currently using a Zortrax M200 for FDM and a Formlabs Form2 for SLA. Although there are literally hundreds of printers now on the market (and I have owned several) I have come to the point where I no longer care for the operation and tinkering with my machine. I only care that it is reliable and works. I want to hit print and walk away. As an engineer or designer your focus should always be on the design and prototypes, not whether your printer will work today.


focus on design

Your 3D printer should be working for you to make your designs, not you spending time working on it. With this in mind here at Black Ram Industries I focus on the design and not the printer. I will be discussing 3D printer technology and how you select the right one for your project according to your design so that you can create parts that work.

So take the next step, read the projects, follow the blog or ask me a question. I can't wait to hear from you and share my knowledge and experience.