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Do you want to design your own 3D parts and tools rather than continue to download the models of others?

Do you want to use 3D printing as the tool it is supposed to be and make your ideas into physical items that you can hold in your hand and use?

At Black Ram Industries I am here to teach you functional Design and Prototyping with the latest in technology that is available to everyone. Using 3D printing technologies, I will help you learn how to think like a mechanical engineer to tackle your design problems and build your own technology.



Cosplay Prop The Eye of Agamotto - which features a cam mechanism to open and close the eye lids


Designing something involves many steps that are entirely teachable and then applicable to anything that you want to design and create. Engineers and designers use design thinking and processes to create the modern technology around you.

By applying these methods you can also design your own components that will benefit you, whether that is a toy for your child or parts for your hobby.



One of the misconceptions of modern making is that all you need is a 3D printer and then to learn CAD (Computer Aided Design). Unfortunately it is not that simple, leaving many frustrated at their lack of progess.

3D printers are the technological evolution of prototyping, but are just a tool. Printing parts you download will teach you how to use that printer but it won't teach you how to how to design the part.

CAD is the evolution of the pencil and paper but is also just a tool. Tutorials on the features of a CAD program will teach you to use the software but it won't teach you why you should be using them in your design.

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I am always working on new projects and have completed quite a few that I share with anyone who wants to download. Check out my Projects section for stories on my designs, why and how I tackled them.

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Guides, lesson plans and tutorials. These will be added regularly to build your design knowledge, challenge your skills and help you teach others.


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